Put Those Painful Neck Problems Behind You

Learn about cervical decompression treatments in Amarillo, TX

When you've been diagnosed with a cervical spine condition, decompression therapy may provide you with relief. At SpineAid Disc Center, we concentrate on fixing the problem, not symptoms. Cervical decompression treatment targets the curve of the neck to relieve pressure. Visit our Amarillo, TX office to find out if decompression treatments will relieve your neck pain.

At-home therapy is available for your convenience

At-home therapy is available for your convenience

When you visit the SpineAid Disc Center, we'll offer a free consultation to discuss your neck pain issues. You may be able to benefit from home treatment for cervical decompression. This allows you to work on eliminating your condition at your convenience. The process aims to:

  • Realign vertebrae
  • Relieve pressure on the spine
  • Reduce pain

This is a much less invasive process than resorting to surgery. When you talk with our chiropractors, we'll show you the research behind the process and before and after results; then we'll discuss goals for your treatment. Call 806-367-8480 today to set up a free consultation with the SpineAid Disc Center in Amarillo, TX.