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Find children's chiropractic care in the Amarillo, TX area

Does your child have neck or back pain? Turn to the experts at SpineAid Disc Center for children's chiropractic care in Amarillo, TX. From newborns to high schoolers, SpineAid Disc Center treats children of all ages.

Many parents find that taking their child to a chiropractor can help with:

  • Recovery after a sports injury
  • Promoting a healthy nervous system
  • Relieving spinal tension and pain

Don't let your child suffer in pain. Contact us today to speak with an experienced chiropractor.

Give your child the relief they need

Give your child the relief they need

SpineAid Disc Center can take care of your child, no matter their age. Many mothers choose to bring their newborns in for an adjustment to help recover from the trauma of delivery.

Choose a respected chiropractor to take care of your child's spine health. Call 806-367-8480 today to schedule a children's chiropractic care appointment in Amarillo, TX.