Restore Pain-Free Mobility

Restore Pain-Free Mobility

Receive lumbar decompression treatments in Amarillo, TX

Many people who suffer from lower back pain are told they'll require surgery. At the SpineAid Disc Center, you'll receive a free consultation about the source of your back ailments. We'll tell you if lumbar decompression is an effective option for your back pain treatment.

The traction device is known to alleviate a number of afflictions, including:

  • Bulging discs
  • Ruptured discs
  • Slipped discs
  • Degenerative discs
  • Sciatica
  • Back spasms
  • Lower back pain

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The treatment process

If lumbar decompression would be beneficial for your condition, you will receive treatment approximately four times per week. You will lie on a traction device that performs mild stretches of your spine. Each session takes roughly one hour, and patients typically feel better within a few weeks, depending on the severity of the problem.

Discover the benefits of lumbar decompression treatments by contacting the SpineAid Disc Center today.