Say Goodbye to Frustrating Back Pain

We provide chiropractic care in Amarillo, TX

Your search for a chiropractor in Amarillo, TX is over. If you suffer from back pain, choose SpineAid Disc Center for chiropractic care.

Our team works to alleviate pain using these processes:

  • Relief care: We concentrate on relieving pain during this phase, during which we recommend visits 2-3 times per week.
  • Corrective/restorative care: During this stage, we allow muscles to heal and prevent injury, with visits recommended 4-8 times per month for several months.
  • Wellness care: Once your body has healed, we recommend periodic adjustments, usually 1-4 times per month.

Our methods allow you to move through the first stage of this process much faster than you would when working with a traditional chiropractor. Contact us today to schedule a chiropractic care appointment.

Enjoy life free from back pain

Enjoy life free from back pain

Suffering from serious back or neck pain can impact your whole life. It can limit your mobility and make leisure activities painful. Turn to SpineAid Disc Center to relieve your back pain and get your life back.

Our team uses specialized equipment to quickly target the source of your pain and begin treatment. Call 806-367-8480 today to speak with a chiropractor in Amarillo, TX.